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Resin Anchors

Construction Fixings

Resin Anchors (Chemical Fixings)

In some situations, the use of an expanding anchor fixing in a structure can cause splitting or cracking to the material it is being drilled into. This is most common when anchors are used toward the edge of the material such as brickwork or concrete, which directly impacts the strength of both the material and the fixing iteself.

A solution to this is to use Resin Anchor. A resin is injected into a pre-drilled hole with an anchor inserted, and once the resin has cured, it provides a solid bond to the anchor, without expansion, preventing the risk of splitting or cracking.

We supply all types of resin anchor, along with the chemical resin, bonding agents and resin injection sleeves/capsules.

Galvanised, Zinc Plated, Stainless Steel.

M8-M24 Hex Drive, M8-M24 Flat End (Stainless)

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